Friday, June 4, 2010

Vietnam. Da Bomb Sandals

It's hot, it's fab and it never goes out of style. Now showcasing Da bomb leather sandals for Vietnamese men.

Everybody wants to buy them and everybody wants to wears them. And all you men around the world, if you're not wearing them yet, you are soo... behind the times! I don't know what it is about these leather sandals, but they are definitely Da Bomb here in Vietnam. I ventured on a street which sells shoes for men and besides leather shoes for work, it's the leather sandals are selling like hot cakes. hot cakes I tell you. All the boys in the office wears them and everyone on the street wears them. Don't believe me?

Just this morning, I went to an exhibition and guess how many leather sandals I saw? Well, I lost count. However, here are some photos to prove to you how popular Da bomb sandals are. If you're Vietnamese and you don't own a pair of Da Bomb sandals, then you're not really Vietnamese.

It's everywhere, even Doc Martins have a high-fashion version of Da Bomb sandals. I wonder why this is the case. Do the Vietnamese men know something that the rest of us don't know? Are the sandals super comfy and aero-dynamic which allows you walk faster on the uneven surfaces? WHAT IS IT?

Because seriously, how ugly are they? Look, I'm all for a crazed fashion trends or statement, but how can something this ugly be so popular across the entire nation. I don't know, but I really want to find out why, so I decided to email a couple of shoe designers: & Manolo Blahnik

Dear Shoe Designer,

I reside in Vietnam and I have discovered that these leather sandals are particular popular amongst the Vietnamese men. 
In terms of the aesthetics, the design is not so nice. However, maybe style and form of the sandals are comfortable? 

Could you please share your thoughts, as it would be nice to know from a shoe designer/manufacturer's perspective.

Kind Regards,


So they might think that I'm a spammer and completely ignore my email, but I'll get back to you if they respond. Maybe, I just need to contact a few hollywood celebrities or fashion designers to start wearing Da Bomb sandals. Do you think it will start a trend like what Gwenyth Paltrow did to gladiator shoes a couple of years ago?


  1. If it's the hot season then it must be for the air and that it's comfy.

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